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ciliary base
cilial base, cilium base, flagellar base, flagellum base
Area of the cilium (also called flagellum) where the basal body and the axoneme are anchored to the plasma membrane. The ciliary base encompasses the distal part of the basal body, transition fibers and transition zone and is structurally and functionally very distinct from the rest of the cilium. In this area proteins are sorted and filtered before entering the cilium, and many ciliary proteins localize specifically to this area. Source: PMID:22653444, GOC:cilia
Due to resolution issues, researchers are often unable to assign protein localization to more specific ciliary compartments such as the basal body, transition fibers or transition zone, and instead refer to 'ciliary base'. The terms GO:0036064 'ciliary basal body', GO:0097539 'ciliary transition fiber' and GO:0035869 'ciliary transition zone' represent strictly defined compartments at the ciliary base and should be used for annotation whenever possible. Also, note that cilia and eukaryotic flagella are deemed to be equivalent.
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Ancestors of ciliary base (GO:0097546)
subject[Reorder by subject] relation[Reorder by relation] object[Reorder by object]
ciliary base [Inferred part_of relation] part_of (inferred) cellular_component (GO:0005575)
ciliary base [Inferred part_of relation] part_of (inferred) cell (GO:0005623)
ciliary base [Inferred part_of relation] part_of (inferred) cell part (GO:0044464)
ciliary base [Inferred part_of relation] part_of (inferred) cell projection (GO:0042995)
ciliary base [Inferred part_of relation] part_of (inferred) organelle (GO:0043226)
ciliary base [Inferred is_a relation] is_a (inferred) cell projection part (GO:0044463)
ciliary base [Inferred part_of relation] part_of (inferred) cilium (GO:0005929)
ciliary base [Inferred is_a relation] is_a (inferred) organelle part (GO:0044422)
ciliary base [is_a relation] is_a  ciliary part (GO:0044441)

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