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mitotic M phase
M phase of mitotic cell cycle, M-phase of mitotic cell cycle
A cell cycle phase during which nuclear division occurs, and which is comprises the phases: prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase and occurs as part of a mitotic cell cycle. Source: GOC:mtg_cell_cycle
Note that this term should not be used for direct annotation. If you are trying to make an annotation to x phase, it is likely that the correct annotation is 'regulation of x/y phase transition' or to a process which occurs during the reported phase (i.e mitotic DNA replication for mitotic S-phase). To capture the phase when a specific location or process is observed, the phase term can be used in an annotation extension (PMID:24885854) applied to a cellular component term (with the relation exists_during) or a biological process term (with the relation happens_during).
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Ancestors of mitotic M phase (GO:0000087)
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mitotic M phase [Inferred is_a relation] is_a (inferred) biological_process (GO:0008150)
mitotic M phase [Inferred is_a relation] is_a (inferred) biological phase (GO:0044848)
mitotic M phase [Inferred is_a relation] is_a (inferred) cell cycle phase (GO:0022403)
mitotic M phase [is_a relation] is_a  M phase (GO:0000279)
mitotic M phase [is_a relation] is_a  mitotic cell cycle phase (GO:0098763)

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